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Art work created by Mahlah


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Earth to Frida Canvas Print
  • Sand Free Compact Towels

    These are ultra compact and super absorbent towels, they dry rapidly and are insatiably vibrant with printed Inkheart Designs. Sand doesn't stick to them, even when wet. These are made from  exclusive AbsorbLite fabric and are 160cm x 80cm.

  • Tea Towels

    Inkheart Designed Tea Towels are a fun way to dry the dishes.

    100% Cotton 40cmx60cm

    These can be framed and double up as an affordable artwork for your home.

  • Coasters

     Designed by Mahlah

    _ Manurfactured by Rayelle

    – Ceramic coaster

    – Bamboo storage box

    – Cork back

    – Perfect for entertaining

    – Cardboard window box packaging

    – Set of 4

    – Coaster measures 10cm x 10cm